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Subscribe User Reviews. The unhurried pace, extended dialogue scenes and those sudden, sinister inter-titles "One Month Later", "4pm" contribute to the insidious unease. Tweet Stanley Kubrick's cold and frightening "The Shining" challenges us to decide: Who is the reliable observer? In the opening scene at a job interview, the characters seem reliable enough, although the dialogue has a formality that echoes the small talk on the space station in " It is really more like a recorded nightmare than a movie. The individual scenes manage to enthral you, but when you take the time to reflect on it, the incoherence and the lack of flow in the story, the director's dilemma to whether stick with supernatural element and explore it, or the mental breakdown of the protagonist, becomes more visible, and the result isn't pretty at all. Jack, wife Wendy Shelley Duvall and son Danny Danny Lloyd move into the vast hotel just as workers are shutting it down for the winter; the chef, Dick Hallorann Scatman Crothers gives them a tour, with emphasis on the food storage locker "You folks can eat up here a whole year and never have the same menu twice".

Danny has psychic abilities and speaks with an "imaginary friend" named Tony. Did Jack's violent pursuit of his wife and child exist entirely in Wendy's imagination, or Danny's, or theirs?

Was this review helpful? Then they're alone, and a routine begins: Jack sits at a typewriter in the great hall, pounding relentlessly at his typewriter, while Wendy and Danny put together a version of everyday life that includes breakfast cereal, toys and a lot of TV.

There were some great concepts, like Danny's alter ego, but they all came to nothing. Ullman, that's not gonna happen with me.

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That leaves Wendy, who for most of the movie has that matter-of-fact banality that Shelley Duvall also conveyed in Altman's " 3 Women. Advertisement But there is a deleted scene from "The Shining" that casts Wendy's reliability in a curious light.

The second time I watched it, more flaws jumped at me.

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It does not seem like acting at all. Kubrick with co-screenwriter Diane Johnson filleted the novel, ditching its more formulaic horror elements in favour of a study in madness and ambiguous evil — that, of course, of father, drunk, caretaker, and wannabe novelist Jack Torrance a defining role for Jack Nicholson. Kubrick had picked up a novel called The Shining by a young up-and-coming horror author by the name of Stephen King. And this is before he sees the strange little girls. It is a film that, over the course of the years, has managed to scare the living hell out of its audiences and still does. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Jun 14, Each scene is meticulously crafted to perfection as only Kubrick can. The second time I watched it, more flaws jumped at me.

Talk of Jack's alcoholic past; in scenes in which Jack's nightmarish delusions are brought to life, he drinks whiskey in the hotel ballroom. Whose idea of events can we trust? Alive with portent and symbolism, every frame of the film brims with Kubrick's genius for implying psychological purpose in setting: the hotel's tight, sinister labyrinth of corridors; its cold, sterile bathrooms; the lavish, illusionary ballroom.

Nevertheless, the build-up to the scares, and the scares themselves, and the subtle unsettling scenes with the twins, all combined to give the ultimate mind-boggling horror experience.

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It is this elusive open-endedness that makes Kubrick's film so strangely disturbing.

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