Character influences from setting in jane

The first place Jane stays is Gateshead Hall. It is only after Mr. Thus, he is suddenly dependent on Jane, a fact which nullifies the typical marriage inequalities of the time period and tips the balance in her favor.

What does jane learn at thornfield

He refuses to give in to his love for Rosamond Oliver out of a warped sense of duty to God, and Jane concludes that he still knows little about God's love. Jane came fully into herself at Moor House and, once prepared, helped Rochester become his own best self at Ferndean. She faces especial torments from Mrs. On the other hand, there are some compensations in life at Lowood: However briefly, Jane enjoys the companionship of Helen Burns Conditions at the school improve after the outbreak of typhus and the reduced influence of Brocklehurst Jane becomes friends with Miss Temple, whose teaching, personality and intellectual quality help in the formation of Jane's own character and intellect. John becomes an alcoholic and avid gambler during his adulthood and commits suicide in order to escape from his massive gambling debts. Richard comes to Thornfield in order to check on his sister and is brutally bitten and stabbed by Bertha when he goes to her room alone. Miss Scatcherd is generally unkind to her students, but she is particularly cruel and abusive to Helen.

John cannot allow himself to marry her because of their differing circumstances and his intention to become a missionary. Even characters with more adventurous spirits or with dissatisfaction in their present circumstances would need a reason to travel so far.

Character influences from setting in jane

John's ending is far more ambiguous. Reed sends her to Lowood and then tells John Eyre that Jane has died of typhus fever at the school. The social climate and cultural atmosphere shape our personalities, however, it is the people in our lives who have the greatest influence. Finally the two balance each other and truly love.

mr brocklehurst

It was this influence that Jane was never able to shake and at Thornfield, she continued to wear dull clothes covered by a plain pinafore.

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The Importance of Jane's Early Life at Lowood to Shaping