Compare and contrast three different types of entrepreneurs

Centralized Entrepreneurship When most of the Enterprises tend to be established in one place or area. The freelancer is the company. Traits that distinguish a social entrepreneur: Driven to achieve large-scale social change.

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A perfect example of a hustler is Mark Cuban. Many entrepreneurs choose this lifestyle for the freedom and autonomy it offers. Development of rural and cottage industries in the country is facilitated by small Entrepreneurship and local people are the benefit of better employment opportunities.

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They'll bootstrap. The entrepreneur knows everything about the job, but may need help with the strategic and governance parts of the business choosing the right location, marketing, expansion, making the best use of technology, financing, tax returns and so on. We live in a time ripe with opportunities to create businesses that help us live the lives we want to live.

They see building a business as the only way to survive. It is important to note that such entrepreneurs can work only when a certain level of development is already achieved, and people look forward to change and improvement.

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The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs Defined & Explained: A Brilliant Guide