Confessional mode in poetry of kamala

As confessional poet, Kamala Das has drawn vivid pictures of their childhood in her poems. Her love poetry is unconventional and shocking to the orthodox conservative community because of her frank and uninhibited treatment of sexual love and the human body.

The obsession with love is one of the prominent features of her poetry. Nayar, New Delhi : Creative Books, She, now, merges herself with the Supreme-Self of Ghanshyam.

On the hand, she searches for her own identity, wishing to be autonomous in decisions.

Confessional mode in poetry of kamala

By show doing she becomes very frank and honest, close and intimate, in her details. Indian Writing in English. Confessional poets did not follow any tradition nor respected any conventions. I wanted conversation, companionship and warmth. Although a confessional poet-that kamala Dads is-can make use of any subject for his treatment, he mostly confines himself to the region of his own experience. The following lines reflect it : Why not leave Me alone, critics, friends, visiting cousins, Every one of you? Ramanujan, R. Dads 82 Dads has given graphic accounts of her relations with her husband before their marriage. She is unhappy about her marriage.

Each of her poems about her dolls made her cry. Interestingly, the most intimate aspect of life, areas of experience, which one would instinctively keep from public sight, are openly expressed, notpresented as a mere history in poetry.

She has to create a place for herself in a public world, in her home and even in her own bedroom. Only, her inner world has not remained her personal domain, it has acquired profound symbolic significance for all bruised and battered womankind.

She is one of the modernist writers to assert her femininity as a human in Indian literature; she has been something of a cult figure in her home state ND a source of great inspiration and emulsion for women with literary aspiration. She strives to establish her identity as a woman through her poems, and she, in fact, tried also to impact an identity to Indian women as a neglected class of Indian society.

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A broken marriage was as distasteful, as horrifying as an attack of leprosy. Singh, New Delhi : Creative Books, ,

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Confessional Mode in Poetry of Kamala Das Essay Example For Students