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B2b, despite facilitating the integration between businesses plays a major role in streamlining as well as improving the conditions of customer management.

customer relationship management theory

In addition, the company can record any relevant information about the customer for future reference and for use in decision making. Order placement and tracking are integrated so they can be easily monitored.

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Hence, information was only transferred from management to the lower order staff in an organisation, thus allowing brands to have complete control of the information that was in the public domain.

Losing just one customer can have a severe effect on company profits.

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In the event that marketing is not being effective, the management can change strategies to improve it. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Firstly is helps to identify the customers a firm should serve. The managers of an organization need to understand the behaviours of customers. In many cases they will, and should this be the case, there should be a significant investment in the development this relationship. This is the kind of business whereby the organization transacts directly with the customers. There is a three-way interaction of CRM which provide a deeper insight into the capacities of various system. The indication of this would be given by Customer Relationship Management systems. Therefore, by an organization using social networks to create good relations with its customers, it is likely to achieve high level of success.

It has been a significant activity in ensuring that the organization develops and maintains good relations with its customers. In addition, it is also important in improving the technical support of the organization.

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Relationship marketing and customer relationship management.

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Essay on Customer Relationship Management