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She desired his affection and love towards her. Its attendant illusion is the belief that material wealth alone can bring that dream to fruition. But, under all her makeup, you can see she is also the meanest and ugliest of them all.

If Daisy was going to fall in love with anyone other than Gatsby, it had to be with someone who could give her the kind of life she required to live. Tom, who depicts himself as an imperious man, puts himself above everyone just because he has money.

Born Daisy Fay in Louisville, Kentucky, Daisy was always the princess in the tower, the golden girl that every man dreamed of possessing. Daisy cannot help but be without direction and purpose.

Nick was Jay Gatsby's neighbor.

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First, she knows full well Tom has had affairs for years. Even lower. It is impossible to recreate a perfect replica of previous experiences.

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Daisy Buchanan : The Great Gatsby Essay