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Different plants show different responses to music in different stages of growth. Imagine the effect of strong wind on a plant compared to a mild breeze.

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In a bored CIA agent Clive Backster decided to attach his plant to a polygraph machine, known as a lie detector, and do a series of tests; he played music for the plant, watered it and said nice things to it.

This method is not the substitutes of regular fertilization. Because the scientific community only values results that can be repeated, and thereby verified, there are many skeptics who regard the studies mentioned above as bad science since most of them were unreplicable, meaning that when others tried to re-do the study as described, their results did not match those of the original study.

With this vast collection, they could play the music nonstop for 7. He also says that "Although research in this area has a long history, most of it is not very scientific and, if you think about it, experiments studying music and plants were doomed from the start.

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She listed several concerns, including: Citing the works of professors in physics and theology, but not in biology. Journal not peer-reviewed.

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The science television show MythBusters did a similar experiment and concluded that plants reacted well to any type of music, whether rock, country, jazz, or classical. The first group heard 8 hours of music a day, the second group heard 3 hours a day.

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According to Global News report, the study conducted by IKEA at a school in the United Arab Emirates showed plants that received compliments grew much better than plants that were 'fed' with abusive words. Dan Carlson, after a thorough research over a span of many years, had reached a conclusion that the medley of frequencies originating between 3, to 5, kHz helps the stomata of plants to open up quicker. Would that make any difference? A researcher in Illinois was skeptical that plants respond positively to music, so he engaged in a few highly controlled greenhouse experiments. In both of these vineyard examples, there were no negative results noticed after extensive exposure to music, and the benefits of the music remain anecdotal. Joel Sternheimer - Joel Sternheimer studied and investigated the vibrational frequencies of amino acids. Sound is transmitted in the form of waves that travel through a medium, such as air or water. Later, he experimented with raga music improvisations on a set of rhythms and notes played on flute, violin, harmonium, and reena, an Indian instrument.

Do they like music? Based on his horticultural experiments, he attributed approximately 20 sensory perceptions to plants.

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For one group, Retallack played the note F for an 8-hour period. However, you might want to consider this question from another perspective. Some people believe that it does in a mystical sense, but it has never been verified scientifically. Researchers at a Canadian university discovered that harvest yields of wheat crops nearly doubled when exposed to high-frequency vibrations. This finding, however, received negative comments from some quarters which cited external factors such as wind that might have drowned out the experiment's effects. For her laboratory experiment in her studies for the degree in music she chose to study the effects of music in plants. This allowed the vineyard owner to monitor and observe any differences in the production. But do they feel? Effect of music on plants can be used as a unique idea for school-level projects and science fairs. Obviously the third group was the control group. Dan Carlson, after a thorough research over a span of many years, had reached a conclusion that the medley of frequencies originating between 3, to 5, kHz helps the stomata of plants to open up quicker. The musical repertoire consisted of 2, pieces of classical baroque music. Through his several experiments, Singh concluded that the sound of the violin has the greatest effect on plant growth. This works best if all other variables are the same: same type of plant, same sun and water exposure, etc.
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The Effect of Music on Plant Growth and Pests