Does the responsibility for preserving the

A Steady-State Economy.

mans responsibility towards environment

And if they do not enforce laws to protect the environment then they too are not fulfilling their duties to the full extent. Covelo, London: Island Press; Because predictions can only be nonspecific, the prescription can only be general. Politics, philosophy and economics undergird cultural development, and they have taken us from living only in nature to living in an advanced civilization, but they cannot trump biological and physical reality 2.

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above.

who is responsible for protecting the environment

How do we give our children those perspectives? I think that nature is our home, and we humans are the only persons in the universe who has been given such a beautiful natural environment to live in.

Responsibility of government to protect environment

Renewable solar, tide and wind energy will help soften the blow, but will not negate it, and for the most part, will not replace the fuels essential for cheap transport. By , 1. We need to learn about things we can do to reduce our impact on the earth and then act on our learning. The muted emphasis on climate change in the present article does not reflect its real importance to humans because it will affect all of us, most likely adversely, and for centuries. We have to prepare them for a new life. What is government but individuals selected by the people. By setting examples they will make the people see their duties and limits.
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Does the Responsibility for Preserving the Natural Environment Essay Example