Drinking water business plan pdf

The founders of Barwaqo realize the need for differentiation and strongly believe that combining water with healthy life style is the key to success.

bottled water distribution business plan

The subject has grown in legitimacy, particularly in business schools Cooper In order to ensure purity and better taste of Mineral Water, we conduct multistate purification.

Introduction of 2litre bottles in the second year and 20 litre bottles in the 3 rd year is expected to increase the revenues and profits to a great deal.

Sachet water business plan pdf

Ali Ibrahim has already secured preliminary capital injection. American Journal of Public Health. The result of your research will determine the type of bottled water to produce, the type of markets you will targets as well the pricing of your products. Besides, the start-up costs will comprise the machines such as blowing machine, filling machines, and other additional equipment. It is also quite stressful to get approvals from the government as there are some conditions you will have to meet before you are granted the license to operate. We are aware of the stiffer competition and we are well prepared to compete favorably with other bottled water production companies in Bay Orleans — Massachusetts and throughout the United States and Canada. Barwaqo Pure Mineral Water will be working an environmental that is so dynamic, competitive, open market where Opportunities and threats are eminent; we have a unique strategy that we are going to face such challenges. Water then passes through the dosing pump-I where chlorine is added to kill the germs in the water. Barwaqo Pure mineral Water will implement a pull strategy in order to build consumer awareness and demand. Water is always in demand: Water is quite indispensable and very essential to life. Barwaqo Pure mineral Water has a targeted market which falls anywhere between the ages from birth to senior citizens. He will also be looking after the accounting of the company. Stability of employees will be ensured through personnel planning, and if vacancies arises proper methods of filling them will be arranged by HRM director Jar Kinley sell their products through their own network only.

His knowledge and skills in the finance department will lead the company to better wealth management and reduce any chances of risk. Marketing Strategy 1.

As stated above, our main goal for the first year will be to build a good reputation, brand equity and customer base for the Barwaqo's products, In that way we will have loyal clients that will be happy to do business with us.

Keeping this in mind, we will launch Mineral Water Bottle of ml pack Rs.

Drinking water business plan pdf

Ray, , ''When people stay away from home, whether for leisure or business, they need somewhere that provides all the comforts of home. You can use a different Unique Selling Propositions for every product or service within your range Chartered Institute of Marketing, A growing awareness in health consciousness There is a growing increase in health consciousness now, as people are being watchful of what they eat and drink; so as to avoid ailments such as typhoid, cancer, obesity and also live longer. It is not expensive so you should do it. But I can authoritatively tell you that the era of sachet water may soon come to an end. In the purification plant, source water is stored in the feed water tank, passes through the sand filter for preliminary water filtration. We provide following range of Products: 1. These costs will be included computers, two laser printers and a scanner. After the chemical analysis, the specifications of the purification plant are set. Overall marketing strategy may change with the change of target market. Our objective is to have with Home Depot across the entire. Other than these heads other human resource required will be: S. The Samsika survey further says that there are as many as brands in the water market. Seeing our customers happy is what we are all about, and our service will be offered to basically everybody that needs it. Hartline, O.
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Business Plan of Mineral Water Plant