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Segmenting refer to breaking down words into sound groups, which allows us to hear each phonemes. Therefore, students who do not only excel in written English but also in spoken English with the right phonology can be produced. This analysis of phonology prompted the establishment. Has it ever occurred to you that the ignorance of phonology causes a student to use the same phoneme for the particular letter in each word they come across?

It is through discreteness, a property of the English language, one actually learns that each letter produces a different sound and thus, the phonemes should be pronounced accordingly to avoid any distortion of meaning.

To be restricted to basic forms of communication or to have none at all is an unimaginably condition. Or how the 'th' in 'the' and the one in 'thing' is pronounced and transcribed phonetically differently, although they are spelled the same? After much research, these skills are vital to a child and their development; they aid in spelling, alphabetic principle, and letter-sound correspondence They view TOTs as an alarm which alerts the speaker that the item being retrieved is known however the cognitive processes they need more time to retrieve an item Schwartz, IPA is an association to develop a phonetic alphabet to symbolise the sound of all languages.

Words are comprised of morphemes and morphemes are the tiniest grammatical units of meaning.

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Final essay on the rules of phonology