Essay on project management experience

The role of project management Project management can be a profession, a job, a role, or an activity.

reflective essay on project management

Many companies use team structures for organizing work, but few define roles that cross over engineering and business hierarchies deliberately. But regardless of what it said on my business card, or what Microsoft lore you choose to believe or ignore, my daily functions as a program manager were project management functions.

This is due to how easy it is to lose sight of the project objectives, particularly, on large projects that can quickly spin out of control. This is not only to satisfy the customer but to also satisfy the IT project team So, knowing when to force an issue, and when to back off and let things happen, is a sense project managers need to develop.

Essay on project management experience

Which ones might be easy to minimize or eliminate? According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOKidentifying stakeholders is the method of recognizing any person or group that can influence, be influenced or seemingly influenced by the process and consequence of a project There will also be the case study and analyzing if the project manager in the case study is a good or bad manager.

In the end, the core idea I believe in is that as long as no one gets hurt except perhaps competitorsand you involved people in the right way, nothing else matters but the fact that good stuff is made.

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Essay on Project management Planning?