Explain the potential impact of discrimination on an individual with dementia

So they have a bigger support network.

describe how current legislation government policy and agreed ways of working support

Share this:. Sexual harassment It is also a harassment that a person may face just like the one mentioned above. But, you have not invited some of your well-wishers due to their race or religion.

explain why it is important to identify an individual?s specific and unique needs

An overdose of these emotions is not helpful for you mental and physical health. Not everybody is the same, there are different levels of dementia, so getting to know the service user is vital to challenge discrimination.

It is also possible that you may take to drugs to runaway from what happened.

Explain the potential impact of discrimination on an individual with dementia

Changes in memory, thinking and feeling mean a person with dementia finds it increasingly difficult to cope with everyday life. The younger individual would be more active and may become more involved in an activity. Whether this affects their senses or physical abilities. This differs from someone older with dementia, if they have children they are normally older, have more time if they have retired, less financial commitments ie. Unpaid carers provide most of their support. People may direct wrong words at you. You have learned new skills and taken pride in the work that you do. But, there are some specific places where you have to deal with discrimination most. It may lead you to counteract and it neither good for you or the country.

Respecting a service users culture would help to promote dignity and enable the individual to be themselves. But, this discrimination is sexual.

Using person centred approach.

Describe how the experience of dementia may be different for individuals who are at the end of life

Listen to what they are saying and responding appropriately whilst keeping eye contact. Younger people with Dementia may feel more oppressed as Dementia is not so common in younger people. There are also help lines for Dementia care that can offer support and advice. It is a must for you to take care of yourself. They may feel lost and confused as to what is happening to them and will result in a poorer quality of life. They would perhaps be reluctant to move to a care home and leave their families behind. Routines may need to be put in place to help ease anxiety. Describe the ways in which an individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and oppression People have different views on Dementia and how this affects people. If they enjoyed gardening for example you could go out for a walk with them or ask them to help you pot up some plants. Or your employer also refuse to renew your contract or can terminate it. It will help you to relieve the stress. You must also find out how much significance your family, friends, and society gives to the beliefs you share with them. Being assertive. It is still important, and also the role of the care assistant, to make sure that these needs are met.

Just because a person has dementia, they still need to be given a choice and not assume that they cannot make a choice. All of it comes under the victimization type of discrimination.

Explain why it is important to recognise and respect the diversity of individuals

One study found that half of all people with dementia in the community received at least 35 hours of informal care per week Murray et al, Research shows that carers of people with dementia experience greater strain and distress than carers of other older people Moise, Schwarzinger and Um You should make your well-wishers aware of what happened. For example, sports are for boys only or pink is for girls. I would explain to my colleague what I feel they have done wrong and the effect this may have on the individual. Or your employer also refuse to renew your contract or can terminate it. So, what makes us different and discriminate with each other? So, here we will describe the potential effects of discrimination in this article.

It may happen in the public places such as market, hospitals, and sports facilities. You may feel anger, sadness, and embarrassment.

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