How to write a good song parody

Then, like a puzzle, I tried to assemble all those ideas—in rhyming couplets—within the parameters of the original song arrangement. The basic difference between writing musical political satire and other types of song parodies is that the target of ridicule is not the song itself, but politicians.

When it's impossible to find a matching rhyme, you can still approximate it with the same vowel sound at the end of a lyric line. Parody lyrics should be easy to sing.

So, you may need re-write your lyrics with other synomyms. It was through this nationally syndicated platform that the Weird one released his first singles, parodies of The Knack and Queen.

easy country songs to parody

Making fun of music, one song at a time. What if you want to write a parody of a folk or non-pop song? A good song parody should ideally be as easy to sing as the original song lyrics; the parody lyrics should flow well with the music.

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How to Write a Song Parody