How to write a performance improvement plan

But firing this employee may not be the answer just yet. Specify possible consequences if the performance standards you are establishing in the document are not met.

Step 5 At the end of the initial meeting, the supervisor and employee should set up follow-up sessions.

employee performance improvement plan template download

And do I look like I know anything about your jacked up employee? You May Also Like. However, by completing a PIP, you offered the employee assistance in improving and gave him or her the opportunity to course-correct.

Got something better? Gerry David, CEO of beverage company Celsius Holdingssaid it's important to try to get to the bottom of why the employee is underperforming — it may turn out not to be his or her fault, he said. Path 1: If you can see a way forward for the employee, be a decent human being and offer it.

Communicate your plan for providing feedback to the employee. The only way to win is to steer clear of them.

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Performance Improvement Plan