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The phenomenological perspective explains the reciprocal interactions that take place during human action, situational structuring and reality construction; thus, making sense of the relationship between actions, situations and reality that take place in society Crossman, no date; Orleans, Phenomenology.

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Others rely on livestock, poultry and lambat-making. Usually, they go there in the afternoon. It was about developing the persuasive skills to realize our goals. Waking up early to catch fish. After a few weeks of immersion, I have realized some things that will really be useful for my future. Our expertise, experience and affiliations both local and international will prove to be beneficial in terms of providing quality service and cost effectiveness. It was like a vision quest minus the peyote. It was wonderful. It was fun and entertaining especially with the fact that we wrapped 30 wines in one day! Two branches is located here in the Philippines, two in Indonesia, three in Malaysia, one in Thailand and another one in Cambodia. One of the things I loved best were the variety of group and individual experiences. We picked up scrap metals for a project for Shell and our training supervisor even drove us off to familiarize ourselves to places in Batangas. When our coordinator is not available to answer telephone calls, we are asked by them to answer calls and jut down notes for important clients and other messages. Monk December 9, Week four learning team reflection The team discussion of the individual assignment includes the understanding and importance of aligning the performance of the employees to the organization business objectives.

We still did receive calls but we all lend our time to the 11 month inventory that we are rewriting. Women usually stay at home and attend to the needs of the family. Usually, they go there in the afternoon. So these were the areas that I ended up focusing on in my action plan, which was the final project we did in the program track of Immersion.

History The main expertise of the company is focused on pumps, gear boxes and air cool condensers. Overall, hiring a project manager will help guide the project and demonstrate efficiency, and cost effectiveness in the project.

We cannot deny that this day is not that exciting as we expected to be but still, it is a pretty busy day.

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I observed that people in the community gather in sari-sari stores to converse with one another. Conclusion The recent immersion contributed to my growth as a Sociology student. And then I realized why. The company that we conducted our work immersion is a sociable type of workplace. Dedication IV. Symbols in the Community The sari-sari store in the community not only serves as an economic mean but also as a social mean. First of all, you have to be there to really understand what a profound experience it is. We even experienced to serve our country manager coffee and deliver him important messages through emails. Social Structures in the Community There is an educational institution in the community: daycare center and the school. Sometimes it was just the 30 program track participants sharing their experiences. Interestingly, there is an existing tension in the community in terms of the selling of their products.

The process of reflecting in our experience is in need to be done for our own need.

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Reflection After the Work Immersion