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UTOG, the UK Theses Online Group, was established several years ago, and it has been aware of the activities of the ETD movement, but also of the distinctive characteristics of thesis publishing in the UK, which have made us — so far — unsympathetic to the creation of an ETD culture here.

They should also provide the student with a record of their progress, containing a history of the changes and edits, of supervisor comments, together with the bibliographic review and experimental history. However, as the international interest grows, and the movement spreads, the organisation has reached the point at which it needs a stronger organisational structure to sustain its efforts, and to undertake promotional activity and support materials in a more concerted way.

Print copies of research theses are catalogued by author in Explore and shelved in Store; electronic versions are in many cases available on open access in UCL Discovery.

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What is the value in putting theses and dissertations online? Clicking on a top-level subject reveals subdivisions of the subject. Many universities have become used to a procedure involving the despatch of their theses to the British Library, and have considered the management of their theses an issue for the British Library rather than for themselves, shelving their own local copies of theses in closed access stack, and fetching copies out when requested for use on-campus. In theory, this is an incremental improvement to searching library catalogues. They contain years of work: important ideas, painstaking methodologies, literature reviews, successful hypotheses, and records of experimentation. Simple search allows you to search by keyword for title, author, or within an abstract. You can search for theses, or browse a list. How do I find out about current research? Why put them online? But what they also are is the fruit of original research, achieved usually only at great effort by students many of whom go on to become the academy — to careers in research publishing and teaching in universities. The Advanced search tab at the top of the page enables keyword searching in specific indexes, including author, title, institution, department, adviser, and language. A schema will describe each thesis according to its various structural elements, and should support the export of metadata in all of the various formats required, while at the same time describing the full text of the thesis. You will be certain of access to any you find. In the US context, those universities which are already far advanced on the ETD path generally have achieved this by means of a collaboration involving four different players on campus — academic staff, administrators, library staff and IT staff.

Another way of looking at this is to accept that researchers are under tremendous pressure to do their own research, and getting the PhD out of the way is a necessary evil which, once passed, allows a real research career to begin. The model, then, has been primarily a centralised one, and one which is based upon metadata.

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Much of the workflow is similar, though the sequencing is not quite the same. Some of them have followed an accelerated process, taking their users by surprise.

Even in the US, the numbers of institutions which have made provision for ETDs is still relatively small, though growing almost daily.

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The hard work of the UK Theses Online Group over the past few years now has an opportunity of bearing fruit. Virginia Tech alone has over 4, ETDs available more than half of them being Masters dissertations. This site can also be found at www. Click on the More Search Options tab for specific title, author, subject, and institution school searches, and to browse indexes of authors, institutions and subjects. The BTS takes copies of printed theses produced by its members, and makes microfilm copies of them for loan or sale via the British Library. Cynics might say that some research supervisors exploit this situation. Why put them online? Postgraduate education in the UK is more commonly managed on a departmental basis.
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