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I mean, if someone saved you from a burning building, you would tell everyone. I have never seen so many people working so hard to get to Hell. Salvation is only through Jesus: an exclusivist view : It appears that this website accepts everything that appears to be good.

The person who grows up having never read Scripture or having never been introduced to Christ, but is devoted to the god under whom he was raised, may have an excuse—I say "may" because something inside them the Holy Spirit that tugs on everyone's heart—see Revelation should guide them into a belief that their religion is false, or at least that something is wrong with it.

More gifts from God are the result of salvation. When arranged in order, these verses form an easy, systematic way of explaining the message of salvation.

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You cannot prove it because it is in your heart. However, many Christians do not know or correctly understand the true significance of salvation. Why are there so many people looking for the easy way to get to Heaven? God's holiness required punishment and payment atonement for sin, which was and still is eternal death. Salvation Stories Skeptics may debate the validity of Scripture or argue the existence of God, but no one can deny our personal experiences with him. I will end this with a thought provoking statement? In order to hold to a Jesus Christ that brings salvation, one must acknowledge that He is the God-Man, that is, that He came to earth and lived as a fully divine and yet fully human person. When Adam and Eve rebelled, humans were separated from God through sin. How is Christianity different among other religions? It was first founded by William Booth; a London minister in and later spread itself around the world.

Salvation is called many things, i. How does one get to Heavenif everyone is right and nobody is wrong? The problem with this question is that it is based in a concept of salvation by works.

We go beyond the realm of knowledge into the realm of relationship with God.

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In understanding Jesus Christ, one must first deal with the issue of the incarnation. Specifically, the belief in grace rather than works as the means for salvation, the belief in the hypostatic union, and the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Immediately, people turn to the Christ as the protector and savior, their sins will be forgiven where they will able to start a new life in Christ.

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Essay on Salvation