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The sage handbook of action research: Participative inquiry and practice. This unstructured engagement is important for "girls value the emerging consciousness that evidences itself visually through random or free-form exploration" Hanor, Increasing participation also demands other important considerations when trying to attract girls to a technology-focused organization. By involvement in PAR process, students can voice their opinions about the educational problems and opportunities which they encounter in their educational lives, also they can take more responsibilities in their own learning. The collaborative process is beneficial to students with autism as well. Kelly PJ. The Geek Syndrome. Action research in graduate teacher education: a review of the literature — Rogers D, et al. Local students should attract more attention in the school 2. Brydon-Miller, et al. Silberman writes about a "PDA for autistic kids" in development that is able to interpret subtle physical characteristics of a social interaction and provide feedback that encourages and coaches the user to display appropriate responses Johnson MJ and Button K.

This year I am working to improve my actions and practice in a Technology Club that I founded at an elementary school three years ago. Girls value computer use that creates and reinforces interpersonal relationships.

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Lomotey Eds. Children who form their opinions through social interactions with adults are anticipated to have appropriate and acceptable ideas which are in harmony with adults [ 89 ]. Bywater K.

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References Alderson P. Changing directions: Participatory action research, agency, and representation. The Latinization of U. Bondy S. Learners explained that they comprehended a lot about AR while researches were analyzing the focus group [ 35 ]. According to a paper conducted by C. Stoudt BG, et al. Action and community matters could be modified by data which is collected by researchers [ 59 ]. Over the past three years the club has evolved as the participants have changed their interests and desires as to what they wish to do with technology.

Joan Hanor believes it is important to include viewpoints from women, honor and attend to the voices of girls, and to examine the meaning girls make through their computer use Consequently teachers will feel more responsible for educational and instructional improvement [ 63 ].

Hanor, J. Central to this effort is adapting the program to better suit the interests of girls and marginalized students, especially students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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