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While the body of the business plan may be up to 50 or more pages and even more for complex structures or needsthe use of an Appendix is invaluable for supplemental information. Each team member is asked to state the problem according to these guidelines.

Furthermore, any business plan consultant worth his or her salt will be able to provide some guidance in setting up your company, finding office or retail space, etc. LivePlan also provides the option to start from scratch.

We always warn against talking in superlative terms or sound over-optimistic, because it can weaken the credibility of the business plan and make the business plan recipients assume inexperience. Steer clear of other icon bullets and place periods.

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The Plan Writers will critique existing plans as well at no additional cost. Variations of "Brainstorming" to Generate Creative Ideas. You will have to pay extra if you want your plan to be designed.

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