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This does not currently operate as of July However Deshsudarneshu, Marathi Portuguese, bilingual monthly started by a Portuguese Baron Tomaz Gracez Pailys from Raibundar, could be considered as a real trend setter of Marathi journalism in Portuguese India. Over the past year itself, one newspaper The Goan jettisoned a number of its senior staff.

Many newspapers started during this period tried to conscientise the people about their rights and duties.

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Both of them worked together. A nearly three-decade old newspaper, the Marathi daily Rashtramath from the South Goa city of Margao suspended publications at the early part of this decade. The visual media, though newer, has more clout than print. More and more people devote their time to TV viewing. Others like the Chowgules sold their once-dominant media the Daily Gomantak in Marathi, along with the smaller Gomantak Times to the family of Sharad Pawar, the political heavyweight from nearby Maharashtra. The business house of Chowgules started Gomantak the first modern Marathi daily newspaper in SMS' can be subscribed and social sharing across all platforms is encouraged. Immediately, another mine owner, the house of Dempo, started The Navhind Times. At times, it results in some jostling among media persons too. Of this, 19 minutes or 16 per cent is spent on reading newspapers and magazines a proportion that is unchanged since Many more Konkani newspapers in Roman script were born during this early period. But there is a large section of the enlightened readership that goes for metropolitan dailies and weeklies, in addition to the local newspapers. A total of 46 Marathi periodicals were started in Goa till its liberation in

The reporter described the illness as fourth stage pancreatic cancer, while after over three months in a US hospital, the CM is being described as having a "pancreatic ailment" by most of the media here.

Today there is only a single Konkani Devnagari script daily. Sunaparant's management cited "escalating costs" and "huge losses" incurred over its 28 years of operations when it closed down some three years back. The media in Goa has long been seen as having close relationships with politicians in power.

The channels' programs are hosted in both English and Konkani. Konkani-versus-Marathi linguistic battles have led to rivalry between these two language camps around the s.

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Goa's mining crisis hit home earlier in this decade. It was started in and the late Varde Valaulikar used to contribute his poems and other writings to this periodical. The news agency that existed in those days was the Lusitania of Portugal, which was totally controlled by the state. Some of them were devoted to the Goan freedom struggle and were closed down after liberation or transferred to Goa. The flow of news from all over the country and the world is available from the electronic media including Internet. Newspapers and magazines[ edit ] English-language newspapers in Goa comprise: O Heraldo The Herald , Goa's oldest newspaper, formerly a Portuguese language daily owned by Raoul Fernandes Herald Publications Pvt Ltd , a local printing enterprise that grew out of a stationery shop; The Navhind Times , published by the mining house of the Dempos since ; and the Gomantak Times , which changed hands from its earlier owners from the mining house of the Chowgules to the politically-linked Pawar family, based in the neighboring state of Maharashtra. There is friction between the users of the official Devanagari script and the Roman, or Romi script users of Konkani. Marathi Newspapers The delay of the Devanagari printing press delayed the printing in local languages. But, along with this comes greater insecurity of service, which could be affecting media functioning overall here. This does not currently operate as of July Of the 52 periodicals that were launched upto , all were in Roman script, except one, Novem Goem, a quarterly in Devanagari script by K. Partly because mining profits are drying up and partly for other reasons, publications are shedding staff and closing down in the state. As of , the Lokmat, which is a newspaper based in Maharashtra, was also a growing and influential paper in the Marathi segment of the Goa newspaper market; it comes out with a local edition, edited by Raju Nayak. If they insist on being paid on the basis of the Wage Board scales notified by the government , they are unwelcome by their managements.

Behind these seemingly sudden developments, there are two major reasons. Online news portals were being excluded, given step-motherly treatment or even cautioned against 'cyber crimes', it was felt.

Media in goa

In between, journalists at a recent GUJ meeting on May 31 debated issues related to accommodation for journalists, pensions from the government

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