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Or you could put a small ad in your local paper, post on Craigslist etc. You should also have coverage in the event that a partygoer damages your bar. Create a business Facebook page for sure. Form a legal entity Establishing a legal business entity such as an LLC prevents you from being personally liable if your mobile bartending service is sued.

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Some customers will only require bartenders, while others will need the full service—drinks, glassware, mixers, etc. Similar to, and perhaps because of, the recent boom in the food truck market, many entrepreneurs are setting up mobile bar businesses. And — Instagram. We understand that for employees to remain happy and motivated, they need to be well paid, and so therefore we have put structures in place to ensure that our employees are not only well paid but have great other welfare and incentive packages in place that is better than that of their counterparts in similar start-ups such as ours. Check what you need before you begin, as it's unlawful to operate without having the proper permits in place. Why Start a Mobile Bartending Business? We are a business that understands the value of our customers, which is why we have incorporated excellent customer goals into our corporate philosophies.

Not the pub, club or 5-star restaurants, but bartending events like weddings and birthday parties. That means creating a business bank accountregistering for taxes, setting up accounting software, starting a website, and more. STEP 3.

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You will get a lot more business from other guests attending the party if you look good! You can pick one up pretty cheap, check your local classifieds to see if someone might be selling one. Look at WolfPig , operating out of Denver, Colorado. Go around to party and wedding shops and ask if you can leave a display of your business cards. STEP 3. In fact, some businesses actually treat the bar and bartender as separately-available entities. What if your favorite bar followed you to parties? We are in the mobile bartending business to serve our clients both traditional and nontraditional drinks in whichever way they might want it served at their events. Similar to, and perhaps because of, the recent boom in the food truck market, many entrepreneurs are setting up mobile bar businesses. Value a Mobile Bar Like You Value a Bar At the end of the day, a mobile bar is just like a stationary bar; the valuation lies in all of the above considerations. And everyone has their guard down and are more willing to let their hair down as well. You can also use social media to attract new clients or customers. Branding The most popular mobile bars are the ones that have done the best job of branding. Mobile bartending companies generate revenue from the services they provide.

This is a terrific business which falls into my category of great home based service business ideas you can run from your home to keep your overhead costs low. Our management staff are also in tune with our corporate goals and objectives and will therefore do all they can to ensure that our decisions and strategies are fully implemented.

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A Sample Mobile Bartending Business Plan Template