Othellos decline

He is a much respected man even though he is black. Similarly, through Other Popular Essays. Moments later, he decides he needs more proof. First he gets Othello to feel and then verbalise jealousy.

othello tragic hero

Does Michael Cassio deserve the governorship of the island of Cyprus. My services which I have done the signiory Shall out- tongue his complaints. Morton W. Othello, naturally, denies that he could be jealous. Is this evidence of a liberated woman defying the male dominated conventions of her time?

In Acts 4 and 5 Iago proceeds to inflame Othello into a "jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure" -- i. Iago is enigmatic. It is this complete pity that makes the death of Othello so tragic as the audience lends their full hopeful support until the inevitable and unavoidable fall.

Damn thyself, Lest, being like one of heaven, the devils themselves Should fear to seize thee.

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The tragedy of Othello