Pig farming business plan in nigeria things

Estimated cost of building two offices for administrative building is N1, Below are some of the things that are contained in a standard business plan.

financial analysis of pig farming

As my business expands, I intend to employ more marketers to begin marketing to smaller retailer, hotels, farmers etc. Security 1 10,8.

how lucrative is pig farming in nigeria

They products of higher quality higher quality like good looking pigs standard standard pigs. In addition, the breeding of pigs is one of the simplest processes, animals grow quickly and do not require specific care.

pig farming business plan in nigeria things

Abattoir and meat processing companies are our targeted market. My policy in handling problem or risks identified above will be to identify and acknowledge problems promptly and honestly.

Pig farming business plan doc

However this is important considering the location criteria for the business. A healthy weighty pig goes for naira and above. Initially only my marketing and sales manager will handle sale to customers. Demand for meat has risen more than five-fold in the past 50 years in Nigeria, according to the FAO. These farmers do not process and package their product. Pigs are easy and cheap to rear. You must write you pig farming business proposal to align positively with the current changes in the pig farming business.
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Pig Farming Business Plan And Feasibility Study In Nigeria