Mchombo Dryer M. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory,39— First of all, a word is a lexical unit that can stand on its own, so car is a word, engine is a word, blue and scream are too, but un- or -ation are not.

Usually in this case a few components are actually fixed, such as the root in Eskimo—Aleut languages. Grammaticalization of polysynthesis 3.

Empty categories, case, and configurationality.

polysynthetic language definition and examples

Development of unstressed clitic pronouns with special grammatical and pragmatic functions Literary French. He proposed classifying languages both by the degree of synthesis, classifying languages as either analytic, synthetic or polysynthetic, and by the technique used to achieve synthesis, classifying languages as agglutinative, fusional, or symbolic.

The development of bound pronominal paradigms.

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Problems of Polysynthesis