Psychological causes of crime essay

John Allen Muhammad, also known as the D. He argued that, during the first stage of development the sensor-motor stagechildren respond to their social environment in a simple fashion by focusing their attention on interesting objects and developing their motor skills.

In this section of the report, we briefly review some of the major psychological perspectives that have attempted to explain violent behaviour.

biological causes of crime

Barkin, S. Studies have shown that there are characteristics within the behavior of an individual that can be linked to the specific behaviors demonstrated by an offender that would classify them as a psychopath.

The best theory or approach towards the possible explanation of the causes of crime and the personality of the criminals lies in the union of the most well-grounded parts of each of the theories.

Psychological causes of crime essay

Curran, Daniel J. Introduction Trait theory views criminality as a product of abnormal biological or psychological traits These attempts are especially revealed through the existing theories in criminology.

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The Causes of Crime Essay