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why did the battle of fort sumter happen

Beauregardin command of the Confederate forces there and Maj. USS Louisville was also disabled and the Pittsburg began to take on water. Some wounded men caught between the lines burned to death in grass fires ignited by the artillery.

I am Sir: very respectfully Your obt. Planned and led by Gordon, the pre-dawn assault on March 25th overpowered the garrisons of Fort Stedman and Batteries 10, 11 and The new Lincoln administration sought not to provoke armed conflict but refused to surrender Federal installations to the Confederates.

battle of fort sumter

Richard Oglesby and John McArthur were hit hardest; they withdrew in a generally orderly manner to the rear for regrouping and resupply. Lee had few options. By Februarysix more states had joined the new Confederate States of America.

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Battle Summary: Fort Sumter, SC