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Fiechter are the only Spanish teachers in the school. It was very bright and well decorated by the teacher. She never pushed down an answer, even if it was wrong, and made everyone feel like their contributions were appreciated.

He is the only student to have his own desk; all other students have assigned seats along three long tables on one side of the classroom She has a very successful approach to education.

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Once I decided that I wanted to observe a teacher and their classroom it was very simple to set up. When I arrived at PM, Maria was waiting outside the school and informed me that she had already gone in and was told that there was going to be a fire drill in just a few minutes Some of them would get extremely excited when they had the same answer as the board and jump up and down in their seats. Observing all 3 levels really gave me good insight on how a day goes in each grade level. Overall, the classes were respectful and I was surprised at their response intially when I asked them how their day was going, each class I addressed simultaniou The students were quiet the whole time she read the book. In these circumstances, I understand that she may have been flustered because it was a Friday, but I would have used different words and definitely a different tone of voice or even had an interpreter if I was struggling to communicate with him. It is common to see students of different ages working together Montessori Education, There is an important "learn-by-doing" component--suggesting that what is learned if learned will be more permanent. She started with a story about a green bear who lived in the forest. You may want to focus on one or two main goals for yourself as you design each course. Observing an elementary math class ensured I would be a wide-eyed learner absorbing that fascinating environment. You have clearly developed a format where students participate in"authentic" discussion and understand theiraccountability to that discussion and to their peers. My cooperating supervisor for my internship was able to go on these walk-throughs with me in order to have a productive reflection meeting afterwards.

Her classroom consisted of a mixture of third and fourth grade students who were tested and labeled as gifted in various subject matters. The following week you can briefly synthesize the responses to the class pointing out areas of difference between themand quickly explain how you will address suggestions.

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All in all I think I it was a very interesting experience and very beneficial in terms of my learning as a teacher. In addition to ADHD one student has also been diagnosed as oppositionally defiant, meaning he does the opposite of what is being said to him.

Furthermore, I never had Mrs. Diacopoulos was teaching his class about the formation of the U.

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I elected to observe Mrs. Lastly, I really agree with having story time when it comes to teaching young children. She also worked in a computer related business. Vygotsky feels that children learn from interaction with people, mainly by language. Incorporate student self-reflection in your evaluation questions. There were a few children who lost their privilege due to misbehaving and had to sit out while they finished late work. She got students up to the board and had the entire class participating when going over the homework. Her classroom consisted of a mixture of third and fourth grade students who were tested and labeled as gifted in various subject matters. Describe in detail: 1 classroom environment, 2 strengths and weaknesses of the classroom, 3 identification of the specific deficit and why do you think it is a deficit, 4 What strategy would you use for the specific deficit and 5 your reflection about the observation.

By doing this, it showed that she took the time to give everyone the time and materials they needed, regardless of racial background, to finish their work.

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Classroom Observation Report