The europeanism and modernization of the spanish colonies

So the Portuguese developed sugar plantations outfitted with enslaved Africans. The great reservoir of alienated rural manpower that sustained the Algerian revolution for eight long years came overwhelmingly from those who had been denied access even to the crumbs from the colons' bountiful harvest tables. Ethnicity, culture, and language are known factors that have contributed to identity. The ubiquitous gentlemen from the north of Italy is already present in relatively large numbers, and the enterprising German is becoming alive to the good pastures of the Rio Alpa Rather, the paper makes a case for a reinterpretation of the region's role as a modernizer and an important contributor to the consolidation of the modern West. The 'Columbian Exchange' The author takes his readers on a journey of discovery around the post-Columbian globe. In Europe, older, pre-modern and stronger states could traditionally rule over many nations. This is counterintuitive because we could assume that ideas about the future should be used to guarantee stability and encourage membership in the nation. Nor did their political complexion guarantee any appreciable solicitude for or knowledge about the natives.

Regardless of the system of classification, the fact remains, colonial actions produced varied outcomes which continue to be relevant. Natives are thus entirely divorced from their ethnic identities, which has been replaced by a desire to emulate their oppressors.

Multiethnic and multiracial nations became, therefore, unavoidable. These organizations are a melange of ethnic, cultural, local, and familial groups and they form the basis of our society.

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In systems of direct rule, Europeans colonial officials oversaw all aspects of governance, while natives were placed in an entirely subordinate role. Weak states, on the other hand, are lost amongst the fractionalized authority of a complex society.

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When defining "progress", Sidney Pollard wrote that it was "the assumption than a pattern of change exists in the history of mankind Armies, taxation systems, and bureaucracies bound states.

The long confrontation cleared the way for new, potentially more effective patterns of rural life.

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The result was a heated debate about the convenience of enhancing the indigenous, Spanish, Portuguese and colonial past of Latin America.

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The Spanish conquistadores and colonial empire (article)