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How will employees share data securely, and does the data you're capturing follow the law and best practices? For instance, a multinational will choose an advertising agency which has a presence in all the markets where the multinational is selling its product. Move into the markets that generate a heavy concentration of inquiries on your website.

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The more you produce, the greater the chances of lowering the per-unit manufacturing costs. That may mean changing how you operate in some ways. Diego Caicedo, co-founder and CEO of OmniBnk , which operates in multiple Latin American countries, said scaling across borders is complicated and expensive regardless of a company's size, and the process can take time and resources away from other opportunities. They know their domestic markets better and understand that they have to make fundamental changes in the way they work to be able to compete globally. Even if your "partner" takes the form of a mentor, you'll want someone you trust and who can vouch for you. Going global can provide new sources of revenue, yield greater returns on investments and secure long-term success for a business. The freelance economy can help you get projects done without the need to have employees in the same room as you. If you don't enter a ripe market with your solution, competitors do. Explore untapped markets with the power of the Internet. For example, is there a market for your products or services in Ireland? Improving Profit Margins Domestic companies constantly look for opportunities to add customers and revenue streams. While not every business is fit for such a challenge, some are. In general, companies go international because they want to grow or expand operations. Coca-Cola also recently bought Mexican sparkling water brand Topo Chico in an effort to grow a more globally attractive and diverse portfolio. This will allow it to reach a wider audience and diversify its operations.

Competition is Forcing People Away There are more small businesses than ever before. A company would not like all its markets to be under recession or inflation simultaneously, and would not like all its markets to be in mature stage, or in growth stage.

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In the U. You can also structure global work teams in a way that allows for synergy in building a global brand. Enlarge the customer base.

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Competing for New Sales Closely connected to the goal of improved profit margins is the desire to increase sales.

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Ten Reasons Why Businesses Are Going Global