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Give away free, expert content. Make it easy to buy -- no more than two clicks between potential customer and checkout. Where has most of the historic growth in the market come from?

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Another way to use this section is to analyze the investment you have or plan to make when starting or growing your business. Talk about the product and how it benefits the user.

Your vision statement, unlike your mission statement, can be longer than a single sentence, but try to keep it to three at most. Current financial state.

Design and build an easy-to-use website.

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What market or industry shifts can you take advantage of and turn into opportunities? Consider what your potential customers are doing to solve the same problems your product solves. What do you foresee earning in revenue? The internet makes this kind of market research easy: Visit online forums to see what questions people ask and what problems they're trying to solve. This free tool will allow you to see how often people search for the products your business offers over time. If you're not a transactional site, you'll still want to define how you plan to make money, whether that's via advertising, traffic and visitors, etc. Financial Projections In Financial Projections, share your projected revenue and expenses for the first or next five years of your business. You can also start with a business plan template , and use it to inform the structure of your plan. Provide that information for free to other sites, and you'll see more traffic and better search engine rankings. Then you can distribute the keywords throughout your site in your copy and code, which will help your rankings in the organic search results. Look at the ways your competitor uses each online entity to drive new customers to their online store. Once you've got your market and product, and you've nailed down your selling process, now you're ready for your small-business web design.

Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling. How big is the specific sub-industry in which you intend to operate? Once you know your values, you can pen a mission statement.

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Here are some of the components you should include in your company overview: Your business structure Are you a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or an incorporated company? You can also start with a business plan template , and use it to inform the structure of your plan. How do you envision your site being successful, because the definition of success will differ for each entrepreneur and business type? There is a proven sequence of steps you can follow to guarantee your success when you're starting a small business online. And in today's business landscape, those innovative ideas must include a social media strategy yes, Facebook, Twitter and more. Company overview This section of your business plan should answer two fundamental questions: Who are you, and what do you plan to do? Statista offers free and paid statistics and studies from over 18, sources including industry reports, country reports, market studies, outlook reports, and consumer market reports. How big is your potential market? How much should you spend to acquire a customer? Think of this as a great way to evaluate the strengths of each individual running your business.

You have fewer than five seconds to grab someone's attention -- otherwise they're gone, never to be seen again.

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How to Start a Business Online