Writing a christening card

I look forward to watching you grow into the man I know you will become. May God watch over little James today and always as he enters the Christian way of living. Congratulations on this special day as your baby is baptised and christened.

I am so honored to be a part of this day.

What to write in a christening card from grandparents

Let this be the foundation of an incredible journey called life. On your journey through life, I promise to always be there for you — encouraging and listening to you. I pray that God bless your little one and your family lots of joy and peace today and the life ahead of you. Here are some suggestions for non religious messages. Use one to add another layer to your personal message, or create a special keepsake personalized with a Bible verse for your loved one. May God guide you in his ways and shower you with blessings. Today is the beginning of your new life. Congratulations on this joyous baptism day. May today bring with it much joy and happiness. May the Holy Spirit be with you and guide you always as you grow in to this faith.

I hope this day brings memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your christening. A baptism card is a once in a lifetime event. Various Messages.

what to write in a christening card from godparents non religious

I know that you will be protected from everything. May it be one filled with lots of love, peace and happiness. You are still unable to laugh but you crying out of happiness and fun. You are such a bright source of light in my life. May your baptism be the solid foundation that anchors and supports your lifelong relationship with God.

We love you.

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What to write in a Christening card