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If you check out the samples below, you will notice that this section looks similar to a traditional Professional Experience section.

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Devil Wears What? Learn more on our Resume Formats page. What to Leave Off Your Resume Objective Statement The objective statement used to be a standard on resumes and still appears on some resume templates.


I am telling you this story because I still have friends coming to me for CV- and resume-writing advice. And so are you. Resume Writing Can Be Tedious The process of drafting, formatting and actually writing a resume can be stressful and boring. Or a third time? Such people tend to use the reverse chronological resume format. These ballsy candidates went above and beyond to ensure theirs definitely stood out from the crowd — maybe a bit too much though? Aim to include at least one quantified bullet point for each skill and you will be sure to catch the attention of the hiring manager.

So why does this happen? Some companies may welcome the conventional format.

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Additional Resume Writing Resources. A dedicated skills section also makes your resume more skimmable for recruiters trying to quickly identify whether you meet their requirements.

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I made mine with Flavors. Stick to name, current place of residence optionalobjective, and your website.

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Resume Writing, FUN? Yes! Here Are My Top 7 Ways